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  • Provides essential information on aging and retirement for the millions of baby boomers currently going through the process. Each chapter examines an important retirement-related topic with the authors providing not only the best current expert advice, but also their own unique solutions, suggestions, and experiences. With the purchase of the book you will receive the link for downloading the Personal Information File Forms, as well as all other worksheets, forms and checklists discussed in the book.  
  • The Secrets of Student Success Workbook is a step-by-step guide to academic success from high school through college, graduate school and professional courses. The main goals of this easy-to-read workbook are to enable students to: - Gain confidence and develop personal motivation - Listen effectively and take useful class notes - Research and write first-rate research papers - Study for and excel on all types of exams - Strategically communicate with instructors Completion of this workbook can change a student’s life.
  • I'm passionate about – carrying on the tradition of family recipes, creating new ones, cooking them, and sharing them with family and friends. The joy is in cooking for others. I’m excited to share with you a collection of our family recipes. Many of the recipes you will find here are my own creations or modifications of ones I have collected over the years. Others have been shared by family members, friends, and coworkers. I promise you that every recipe you find in “Trisha’s Dishes” is one that I have personally prepared, served, and recommend.
    To view the Table of Contents and 5 of the delicious recipes, click here https://thebestofourlives.com/trishas-dishes.
  • The Bundle includes all worksheets, forms and checklists discussed in the book. Upon download, the documents are fully functional with calculations and formats embedded. You can customize the documents to reflect your choice of terms. Ask yourself this question: If something happens to me, do my loved ones know what I have, who to contact, or where to go to find out? A Personal Information File is a resource file of important information designed to answer questions and provide the location of critical and legal documents for you, your spouse/partner, loved ones, trustee(s) or Executor(s). These forms are all you need to create a file that will provide you and your loved "Peace of Mind".

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