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John & Trisha Parker “The Best Of Our Lives.”

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John and Trisha Parker are keynote and motivational speakers who speak on “Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life”, “Prime Time: Celebrating Life’s Second Half” and, “Retiring With Grace: Planning and Living a Spiritually-Guided Retired Life”.

For more information on our presentations, please contact us: info@thebestofourlives.com

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A Retired Life Operator’s Manual

This book will change your perspective on life

“I’ve had the good fortune to travel with the Parkers who are, in the classic formulation, boon companions. The travel chapter alone is so laden with useful (and often overlooked) money-saving tips, a single trip would likely save many times the cost of the book. I make this recommendation from a background of a quarter-century of ownership of a chain of Chicago travel agencies and as travel editor for ABC Radio, San Francisco. The Parkers know how to enjoy life!”

Lee Rodgers, ABC/San Francisco

An extremely well-written, understandable, and comprehensive book on organizing and managing your retired life in an increasingly complicated world. The practical advice on mental and physical fitness, as well as nutrition, makes this an essential reference book for today’s seniors.

Herbert M. Schub, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, California

Although The Best of Our Lives is wonderfully written and arranged, and presents invaluable advice for so many areas of our lives, there are little jewels of wisdom that sparkle.  There is a chapter that deals with the maintenance of a personal file that would contain financial information, including that necessary for our loved ones to manage our estates after our death.  I believe this to be one of the most important steps to take, especially as we age.  As a CPA, I have counseled numerous widows and widowers, or children or other loved ones of a decedent, who are beside themselves to manage an estate which has insufficient information to determine the assets, liabilities and other important information necessary to manage and close an estate.  You must, at a minimum, read this chapter.

theguardian-xsmallG. Michael Dunlap, CPA, PC, Oregon

Retiring with “Peace of Mind”


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