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Typically, when I’m choosing a topic for my blog, it’s most often about travel or some other interesting event my wife Trisha and I have recently experienced. This time I want to share something very personal I believe could be very useful for the young people in your lives.

As some of you may know, I’m a retired college professor. Coming from a wonderful family background of midwestern farmers, formal academic training was not in abundance. I enjoyed learning but was not a very good student. Fortunately, over time I sought out a number of experts, was able to learn many valuable study skills,, and went on to create several of my own. Academically successful, I earned my B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. As a college professor, I developed numerous study skills courses in which I helped students learn the “secrets” for student success. Over the years I’ve been contracted to teach these courses for numerous notable colleges, universities, and technical schools.

Recently, I’ve condensed and published my materials in a workbook to help guide students from High School through College. It’s titled The Secrets of Student Success Workbook and is available on our website.

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Written by : John Parker

Coming Soon: The Secret of Student Success Workbook and on-line training sessions. Dr. John Parker is a best selling study skills author and trainer. Throughout his career he has developed and conducted numerous study skills programs for a variety of universities and professional organizations. The focus of Dr. Parker's study skills training program is to help students gain confidence and develop personal motivation. Specifically, his students learn to listen effectively and take useful class notes, research and write outstanding term papers, study for an excel on different types of exams, strategically communicate with instructors, and learn proven time-saving study strategies and shortcuts.

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