Using the latest tips on packing will help you cope with the demands of modern travel.

Modern travel, with new and changing restrictions on luggage, can make packing a nightmare. Getting the latest information can help you meet this challenge and make your travel more stress free and enjoyable. Whether a young vacationer or a senior adventurer, everyone needs to get the best tips on packing.

As business professionals, we both had to make numerous trips throughout our careers. Trisha, a former flight attendant, had been trained in the best packing tips available. John, as a professor and consultant, also had considerable experience in packing. When we retired and began to travel for pleasure, we combined our knowledge and research on the most current tips on packing.

In our book, The Best of Our Lives, Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, we share with readers the best tips currently available for the informed traveler. Increasingly, airlines have cut back on the number of pieces of luggage a passenger is allowed to carry. There are also many other things to know about packing. Did you know international airlines have different weight restrictions than U. S. airlines? Do you know what is illegal to carry in your luggage? Do you know how to pack a backpack for a hike? These and many more questions are answered in this book.

It’s a different travel world out there and every traveler needs to know how to pack bags efficiently. This book will teach you the best strategies for packing, demonstrate how to pack for short trips, get you prepared with a “go bag,” and detail our “Twenty Best Packing Tips.” Make your next travel adventure a stress free and enjoyable trip.

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