Senior sexuality is on the rise!

Since baby boomers were the ones who began the sexual liberation movement, it’s not surprising that senior sexuality and activity has seen a dramatic rise in the last three decades. It is a common misconception that sexual activity must decrease dramatically as a person gets older and reaches retirement age and beyond.

The truth is, senior sexuality and activity for people in their seventies has increased nearly twenty per cent for men, and more than twenty per cent for women in the last three decades.  Approximately seventy per cent of married men and sixty per cent of married women in their seventies are sexually active. For unmarried men and women, the percentage increase is even greater.

In our book, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, we present vital research, information, and suggestions to help seniors improve their senior sexuality. Among the topics discussed are: improving sexuality through nutrition, how to talk to your doctor about your sexual issues, getting the proper help for senior sexual problems, and specific suggestions for improving your senior sexuality. For those people who have a partner, sufficient health, and the desire to improve their sex lives, this book will be a valuable resource.

When we retired, we discovered our new found freedom was very liberating and enhanced our love life. It’s a disappointing fact that many people who have reached retirement age still have difficulty discussing their sexuality with partners and even their doctors. This can bring about some very serious personal and relationship problems. It’s time to give your senior sexuality the attention it deserves.

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