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Some retirement presents try to be funny, and others are supposed to be thoughtful, but most are really quite useless. If you have been searching for retirement presents that the retiree will actually appreciate, look no further. Our book, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, is one of the greatest retirement presents you can give.

This book is full of useful information, expert advice, and cost-cutting suggestions for retirees. As a retired married couple, we have researched every aspect of retired life and put the most valuable information into an interesting and easy-to-read format for readers. Our primary goal for writing this book was to assist those recently or about to retire, make the transition into retired life in the easiest possible way. Retired life comes with a new set of challenges that everyone should understand and be prepared to undertake.

The topics, written specifically for seniors, include: attaining mental and physical fitness, handling stress, adopting a positive attitude, managing retirement finances, senior travel tips, improving relationships, possible second careers, and many more. In addition, there are several original planning forms and checklists to assist readers organize and plan their own personal retirement plan.

Being prepared to handle all of the new challenges of retired life will make this time of life much more enjoyable. Of all the retirement presents you can give, this book is one that will definitely be appreciated.

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