Millions of baby boomers are searching for retirement lifestyles that suit them best.

How do you envision your retirement? Which lifestyle seems most appropriate for you? Will it be fishing or playing golf every day? Perhaps spending more time with family and friends or going on long travel adventures. Regardless of the many options you may choose from, make sure you understand all the challenges that come with retired life.

When it was time for us to retire, we realized we were not completely prepared for the dramatic lifestyle changes posed by retired life. We decided we wanted to make our retirement something very special, so we set out to gain as much knowledge and information as possible.

In our book, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, we take a close look at various possible retirement lifestyles and help readers create one that meets their goals and expectations. Throughout the process, we discuss a variety of retirement topics such as preparing your home for retired life, possible second careers, volunteerism, budget traveling, relationships, health and fitness, nutrition and many more.

When the time is right, choosing from among the numerous possible retirement lifestyles can be difficult, and sometimes overwhelming. Get the most current information, expert advice, and specific suggestions to help you make the transition to retired life. This book will help you answer all your questions about retirement lifestyles.

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