The Best of Our Lives
Checklists & Forms

If you have read our book, you already know that one of the keys to a less stressful and enjoyable retired life is getting organized. To assist you in this process, we have developed several easy to follow checklists and forms. They are designed to help you organize both your day-to-day responsibilities and the more fun activities such as travel adventures. These checklists and forms appear in our book, but are available here for your convenience.

(Please note that these forms and checklists are in different formats: simple word documents, word tables, and excel spreadsheets. The documents and fields within them are not protected, so you need to be careful in modifying them. Please refer to our book for detailed instructions for using each form.)

Here is a list of the forms we have provided:

Chapter 4 - Managing Your Daily Living Expenses

Monthly Spending Worksheet
Monthly Budget Tracking Form

Chapter 5 - Funding Your Retirement    

Phase Your Savings Worksheet
Savings Tracking Form

Chapter 8 - Personal Information File

Personal Information Form Final Wishes and Arrangements Form
Health Insurance Form Beneficiary Information Form
Account Information Form Financial Assets Form
Loans to Others Form Real Estate Form
Advisor Contact Information Form  Motor Vehicles Information Form
Insurance Information Form  Valuables Inventory Form

Chapter 9 - Travel Adventures

Trisha’s Travel Checklist John’s Travel Checklist