New book reveals the secrets of aging well.

As we get older, the goal of aging well becomes more important. But it’s not all about vanity. Those who learn the secrets of aging well can reap the benefits of growing older with increased energy, a more active lifestyle, better health, and a longer life. Now there is a book written specifically for persons about to or already retired which provides everything they need to know about aging well.

Our book, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, provides detailed information on numerous topics designed to benefit seniors throughout their retirement. Perhaps the most important of these topics is discussed in Chapter 3, Health and Fitness Over Fifty. In this chapter, we help the reader set appropriate fitness goals, dispel myths of aging, provide specific suggestions for attaining mental and physical fitness, recommend important nutritional guidelines, discuss the importance of sleep, offer senior sex advice, and advocate a schedule of health exams and screenings. There is a lot to be learned about aging well.

When we retired, we wanted our retired life to be the best it could be. After a lifetime of careers and raising a family, we were not in the best of shape. We researched every possible topic on aging, followed the best recommendations, and changed our lives forever. Most importantly, we learned the secrets of aging well. Join us in our quest for a healthy and happy retired life. 

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